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  • Paint portraits of the Mushar children to show them how we as Christian artists view and value them as children of their Creator
  • Collect the portraits into a revolving gallery that travels from church to church within the Sacramento area
    • The gallery would typically be on display at each church for a month and would have additional placards and other literature which describes the purpose of this arts ministry, provide life stories of some of the children painted, and provide information for how other artists can become involved.  Depending on the church, there may be an introduction of the gallery at the beginning of a worship service.  Some churches may also decide to host a showing where more information would be shared about the ministry and people would have a chance to meet some of the artists.  Currently there is no plan to have a dedicated curator.
    • Artwork would be available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds would go towards helping the Mushar villages
    • New portraits would be added as artists become aware of the ministry and choose to get involved.
  • The original portraits may also be used for other fund raising events in the future depending on the amount of artwork generated (auctions, etc) however the near term use would be for the revolving gallery.
  • Prints will be made of the original portraits and presented to the Mushar villages to encourage them, to let them know what is happening and to inform them there are others out there who care about them
  • Depending on the success of this effort, the gallery may travel to other cities.  The hope is that this would be a grass roots ministry that would continue to grow and branch into multiple galleries
    An on-line presence will also be developed to provide the full gallery, additional stories of the Mushar portrayed, and a blog of this ministry as it unfolds


  • Size:  There is no limit on size however sizes greater than 8×10 inches and less than 36×48 inches are preferred
  • Media:  All forms of media (oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, etc.) are acceptable
  • Framing: The final artwork should be framed.  Media such as pastel, watercolor and graphite should include a glass or clear plastic to protect the artwork.
  • Ownership: It is preferred that the original portraits be donated by the artist to this cause to allow money to be raised for the Mushar villages through on-site sales, on-line sales and periodic auctions.  This includes the potential reproduction and sale of the reproductions.  The artist will still have rights for reproduction, distribution and sale of those reproductions for the artist’s own purpose.  If the original is only available for loan, please notify the point of contact (below) to arrange its use and restrictions.  There are currently no plans to insure the artwork, however every effort will be made to secure the artwork during its use.


Photos of Mushar children to use as reference are located at the link below. The photographers have approved the use of these photos for this ministry.

View Photo Gallery

Point of Contact

For further information contact Matt Lister at or call (916) 708-6013.