About The MUSHAR Project

The MUSHAR Project is a collaboration between various artists of faith in support of the Mushar people of India, considered the lowest rung of the Indian caste system. Politically, socially, and economically segregated and powerless, the Mushar are the untouchables of their society. Artists of faith are banding together to raise awareness of and funding for the Mushar through the creation of a gallery of original artwork, an on-line presence, and simply valuing the Imago Dei of the Mushar people through the art of portraiture.

If you are an artist of faith and would like to create a portrait in support of this project, or are a church or venue who would like to be a venue for this gallery, please contact Matt Lister at mattlisterart@gmail.com or (916) 708-6013. More information is below.


  • Mobilize and unify visual artists within the church to help support the Mushar in India
  • Demonstrate to the Mushar that they have value and are loved by us the church
  • Show the Mushar that in Jesus they are also loved, valued, holy and powerful
  • Provide wider visibility within the church of the impoverished condition and dehumanization of the Mushar in India
  • Use the visual arts created to help generate financial support for the Mushar villages and schools


  • The Mushar are the lowest rung in the Indian cast system.  They are considered the lowest of the low
  • The Mushar are economically and socially segregated, broken, abused, defenseless and politically powerless
  • From birth the Mushar are told they are impure, untouchable, worthless, and not worth education or investment
  • Reaching the Mushar with the message of Jesus means first restoring their sense of dignity and self-worth as humans so they believe they are worth saving.  This has been a big challenge to reaching the Mushar with the Gospel
  • This is being done in cooperation with a group whose mission is to mobilize and encourage U.S. churches and Indian missions agencies to plant churches among the unreached peoples of India.
  • Jesus said; “I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” Matthew 25:40
  • Paul said; “The parts of the body that we consider less honorable we treat with greater honor”  I Corinthians 12:23